Each Cross Training practice includes warm-up, aerobic and anaerobic activities, in a single circular workout!

It empowers the whole body.

It usually includes 40″ exercise followed by 20″ rest, but it can also include training sections (20 “exercise / 10” rest for 4 minutes). At the end of the course, we stretch, massage using foam rollers and tennis balls.

In FPilates, the program is tailored to the level of trainees every time & variations are given to the exercises, so it fits both beginners and highly trained practitioners!


 Why start training with Cross Training?


It offers muscle strength, flexibility and cardiovascular stimulation through body weight exercises, but also with the use of weights (kettlebell, sandbag, etc, depending on the level of the trainee), with the sounds of loud music that increase the intensity and the rhythm of the training. It is particularly popular because it combines three main advantages: instantly visible result, weight loss & a variety of exercises.

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