The most effective way of training, with the program clearly designed to the trainee’s personal needs.

“Total-reshape” workout uses body weight. As a result we ‘re at the same time increasing the strength of each trainee in combination with the absolute control of their body.

The program includes the use of all studio equipment such as aerobic equipment (elliptical bicycle), Power Plate, Flowing, TRX, Stroops, bosu, kettlebells, hammocks, sand bags  as well as Pilates equipment, fit props (fit ball, rings, foam rollers etc).

“Total-reshape” assesses the trainee’s abilities every 4 weeks, records the change in performance, and sets new goals.


The new “toy” in the fitness area. The idea was born by a team of academics and coaches with vast experience in the field of sports and health. Exercise with “Flowin” aims at stability, mobility, balance, speed and empowerment.

The basic principles of “Flowin” are the movements on a horizontal axis on the base of the instrument, with minimization of friction through the special support bases. Using body weight, choose the kind of exercises you need and the friction needed to get the body to exercise at the difficulty level of your choice and needs.

Power Plate

The 30′ success! Power plate is the world’s leading vibrator. It uses the principles of “acceleration training” to trigger the physical response of the body to vibration. These vibrations carry energy waves all over the body, causing muscle twitching 25 to 50 times per second, improving levels of muscle strengthening, blood and lymph circulation and performance with just 15 minutes per day, 2-3 times the week.

Power plate is for the modern man, whose time is limited, the source for a complete workout.


One of the most successful products in the fitness area. It was created in 2000 by David Weck and improves physical balance through complex movements that have coordinate the neuromuscular system and the brain. It is used on both sides (“Both-Sides-Used”, BOSU) in a variety of exercises. Workout with Bosu can be quite demanding but at the same time addresses all levels of difficulty and physical fitness of each trainee.

This tool is used in the Personal Training lesson. Try it in our new, fully integrated, 30 minute programs (Bosu reshape, TRX reshape).


It was created in the United States for Navy Seals and was manufactured by Fitness Anywhere.

It is a revolutionary piece of athletic equipment that uses body weight with hundreds of different exercises that give the trainee power, flexibility, balance, mobility (knuckles, etc.) and protection from injuries.

The TRX is designed for all levels of trainees, since it is used by professional athletes who need maximum performance, up to everyday people who just want to feel and look as good as possible!

At FPilates we have something even more effective for your training: the AEROSLING straps.

The Aerosling swing strap takes youw training to a higher sporting level, delivering faster results than the classic TRX straps in empowerment, balance and propriety. Practitioners at Aerosling are huge fans !!


To get your training a step higher you should use weights that do not simply “swell” your muscles. These weights are called “Kettlebells”. Thousands of people are re-discovering this timeless empowerment method, which has its roots in the depths of the ages. Professional coaches around the world use Kettlebells in their training tacticks where the classic weights lifting equipment cannot perform. Kettlebells are the key to building muscles with elasticity, strength, endurance and explosiveness, burning, at the same time, fat.

Do not wonder if you should start training with Kettlebells but when will you start?


Stroops’s training system is made of high-resistance rubber bands (with a fabric outer lining), handles and a belt that is attached to the bands. This integrated system is called “Son of the Beast” and promises a wide range of exercises with a “big” result!


The size of a sack, made of waterproof and durable material and with multiple handles, are designed to offer a range of at least 400 exercises, strenghtening the muscle groups we use in our daily moves. Strengthening the body in natural, everyday moves helps us avoid injuries and provides better performance and results in the training.

Medicine Balls

Leather  balls with seamless joints, in various diameters and weights. They are used to empower a wide range of movements and enrich other exercises, but also to repair injuries, which was the reason people started  using them and where they took their name from! It is an excellent alternative to free weights, and it is said that Hippocrates used balls of animal skin that the patients were tossing though the air or to one another as a method of rehabilitation.

Ugi Ball

Ugi Ball is a soft and bigger medicine ball. This differentiates its properties and gives other possibilities for use in training. It is equally used for empowerment and for cardio-respiratory exercise.

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