Why Pilates?

With Pilates, the mind and body continually work and build strong and stretched muscles, combining breathing and body coordination to achieve:

Symmetrical posture, muscular assembly

Strengthening of the core

Stabilization of the spine, pelvis, shoulders

Muscle flexibility

Joints mobility

Whom is Pilates for?

Everyone can do Pilates! That is because it can be tailored to the needs of each individual trainee. It is designed with a variety of exercises (more than 500 in instruments and mats) and multiple variations so that it can be performed by a young person but also an elderly person, an athlete / dancer and a person with mobility limitations. It’s for men and women.

Pilates Mat

The whole repertoire of Pilates exercises can be performed on the ground with a simple mat using just  body weight. By doing these exercises from twice a week to daily, you can change the way you think, you move and feel!

Pilates machines

The Pilates instruments transform the body while offering strength, tightening and flexibility, with the absolutely secure spine and neck. The studio features:

Ladder Barrel (1)
Chair (1)
Pilates Arc (1)
Reformers (2) with jumpboards (2)
Springboards (2)
Tower (1)

and we are given the opportunity to form small groups of 3-4 people, each one performing their own, tailor-made exercise routine.

Pilates Props

Pilates (mat & equipment) exercises can be enriched with props (rubber balls, swiss balls, foam rollers, weights, magic circles) that offer more empowerment, flexibility, stabilization, making the lesson more interesting and giving variety in levels of difficulty.

Aerial Pilates

It is a new and widespread type of exercise that combines the advantages of Pilates with the lack of gravity and swinging. It is carried out with the help of a special cloth (hammock). It strengthens  and aligns the body, relaxes the joints and helps in the repair of musculoskeletal problems. It is addressed to everyone, regardless of age. It is contraindicated in those who suffer from: hypertension, glaucoma, pregnant women and those who have recently had surgery.

Pilates Mature

As the method is adapted to the individual, older people who may have problems such as lack of balance and flexibility, osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatism, etc are definitely able to workout with the Pilates method. With Pilates Mature you discover your body again!

Pilates pre – post Natal

Respecting the changing body of each woman during this important period of her life, the method is adapted to the needs of the pregnant woman. Initially, it empowers the pelvic floor, which will also be really important  during  childbirth and teaches the woman to properly manage her body every three months of pregnancy, offering strength, support and relief of her waist, knee, neck and so on.

The period following pregnancy is again a very important part of the woman’s life, as the body (muscles, bones, hormones) must return to its normal state in a correct way and pace, giving the new mother confidence in her body and relieving her of muscular pains (waist, back, etc.).

Pilates and restoration

The whole process’s routine is addressed to the body as a whole and has as its principle the individuality of each person. This makes Pilates a perfect rehabilitation system for the spine, knees, hips, shoulders and recurrent muscle injuries. It corrects asymmetries and chronic weaknesses, thus preventing the recurrence of injuries and bringing the body to balance.