Massage seems to be helping to improve our physical and mental health as a whole, with a wide range of therapeutic applications. It rejuvenates and gives a sense of well-being to the body & spirit by balancing energy in the body. It can be beneficial not only to people who suffer from  injuries or chronic illnesses, but also to people who are healthy and who are simply looking for a moment of relaxation in their daily lives.

Massaging has analgesic (pain-relieving) action, reduces pain levels, and can break the vicious circle of pain – muscle spasm – mental tension.

Kneading results in improved blood circulation in the muscles and soft molecules. When the muscles are subjected to constant and intense work, the musculoskeletal phenomenon occurs, resulting in the accumulation of unnecessary substances, which can not be properly metabolized and cause pain, stiffness and stiffness in the muscles. At this point it comes to helping the kneading, which, through the hyperemia it causes, helps in the elimination of these substances and the intake of nutrients necessary for the smooth functioning of the muscles.

It also helps to relax and fight stress. Body massaging leads to improved blood flow to the brain, lowering heart rate and lowering blood pressure, resulting in better mental clarity and alertness under relaxation conditions. People with headaches can find a solution to their problem. Pains are relieved, as the production of endorphins from the brain is enhanced (endorphins are natural analgesics that fight pain). Massage can also be used in the recovery of injuries to the muscles and joints.

Summing up, it can help:

increasing wellness and stimulating energy
to improve posture
to improve metabolism
to increase the consciousness of the body
to improve muscle tone and flexibility
in the balancing of the nervous system
improving mood and relieving stress
to improve breathing
to improve the functions of the skin
to relieve muscle from tension and pain
to reduce fatigue
to increase muscle elasticity
to improve blood circulation
the detoxification of the body
in strengthening the immune system
to reduce stress.

It is a holistic self-healing treatment.

More about massage:

Massage & stretching of the cervical & lumbar spine (neck and waist pain)


Our neck and waist are burdened daily because they are highly mobile. In particular, the lumbar spine (waist) must be in perfect physical condition. In addition to empowerment, special care is needed for the mattress and cushion that we sleep, since one third of our lifetime spends it on bed for rest, but also daily activities (in the workplace and outside) where they should be done with ergonomics. Other causes of pain include poor nutrition, various edema, stress, metabolic diseases, and various psychosomatic problems.

In the exacerbation of pain the movements made are extremely mild to loosen upcoming muscle spasm, and normalize the myopathoresis points of pain triggering.


Instructions are given for exercises & stretching exercises at home & at work to improve physical posture & avoid reoccurring pain / pain, as well as direct relief at home.


** Phoebe Pilates & Wellness Studio as your purpose is to have your relaxation and well-being after a busy day with confidence in the receiver’s emotion and not the treatment of any chronic illnesses or other cases requiring medical care. **

Deep Tissue (in-depth) Massage is a type of therapeutic massage that focuses on restoring the initial position of the deeper layers of muscle and peritoneal tissues.

It is particularly useful in cases of chronic contraction and muscle tension in areas of the body such as neck / neck, back, waist, shoulder. Some of the techniques used resemble those of Swedish classical massage, but the movement is much slower and the pressure deeper. In addition, the therapist focuses mainly on pain and tension (as opposed to the generalized relaxation of the whole body that is sought in Swedish, classical massage).

Trigger Points are chronic inflammation that is usually found on the neck and back. With vertical fingertips of 30 ” – 40 ”, special movements and stretching disassemble the nodule, which is the goal of this type of massage.

The normalization of the myo-peritoneal pain-trigger points gives rise to a series of changes in the nervous & musculoskeletal system as the body regains the lost possibilities of stretching, normal joint movement and good muscle strength.

These changes will be achieved by the wisdom of the body of the receiver and by the possibilities of the nervous system.

Technique designed for both athletes and individuals with increased physical activity who want to improve their body’s ability to cope with the demands of intense exercise.


Sports massage is recommended:


* Before any specific physical activity to prepare mainly the body members involved in it and maximize performance

* After some specific physical activity (1-2 hours), as the best method of restoring and restoring tissue function to normal levels

* During the training / training period to increase physical strength, relieve muscle aches and avoid injuries

Sports massage is a specialized massage method that applies to specific tissues and organs of the human body and is designed to resolve shortages and increase flexibility, elasticity, strength and endurance limits. The modern man who experientially accepts this technique will understand the wear mechanism and will realize that with Sports Massage he can by nature treat him.

It approaches tissues of the human organism, which, although they have not reached a process of deterioration and disease, are latent and potentially passive. These tissues are prone to damage and injuries. Thus, with specific manipulations and pressures their operation is normalized. Their physiology is restored and the tissues are made more flexible so that with proper exercise and action they become stronger and more resilient.